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Another reason to use Best Damn Scents

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ersey's fire service is warning of the dangers of lighting candles in homes after a house fire in St Helier.

Firefighters were called to the property at just after 10am this morning.

Two fire engines crewed by nine Red Watch firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the property where they found an unattended candle had caused extensive smoke and heat damage.

The occupant of the property had extinguished the fire but had taken in smoke and required medical attention from Firefighters.

We would like to urge the public to be vigilant during the festive period and never leave candles unattended in the home.

With homes being decorated for Christmas it is important that Christmas lights are turned off when leaving the house and electrical points are not overloaded.



THE DANGERS OF TRADITIONAL CANDLES -by Amanda Penn | 11/22/2017 |

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Study: Scented Candles As Toxic As Diesel Exhaust Fumes

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Is That Scented Candle Killing You? BestDamnScents.com

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Candle Dangers

Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles are extremely popular, especially their seasonal candles which offer delicious fall and winter smells. However, one Texas woman suffered a nightmare after one of her favorite candles exploded, giving her first and second-degree burns on her face.The mother of one lit the candle in her living room and took [...]

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Safer Candle Alternative - Take A Scentimental Journey

ON JULY 18, 2017 BY ASIF AZIZCandles are great for encouraging relaxation and creating a calm, serene environment. A candle’s aroma and soft, warm glow sets a nice tone for romance, sophistication, and tranquility. Most candles today feature a variety of aromas. While refreshing they may be, the chemicals used to produce a candle’s fragrance [...]

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Candle Dangers

Take A Scentimental Journeywww.BestDamnScents.comBy; FUNMI ADERINTO, KadunaThe use of candles in many homes has caused a lot of damages, sadness, unforgettable issues as a result of loss of lives and property.Candles are very popular ways to add a lot of ambience to a home. The light they create makes a room look attractive and their [...]

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Candles comfort or danger

Paraffin candles comfort or dangerUnlike wax candles, which are made of natural materials, are completely safe, but it has a nondescript look pleasing to the eye paraffin candles, inexpensive and long burning.But for those who care about their health and the health of loved ones, without significance the safe use of candles.Modern paraffin candles are [...]

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Dangers of Scented Candles Take A Scentimental Journey

Our Air Fresheners are the answer to The Dangers of Scented Candles.  Take a Scentimental Journey Air Fresheners, the safe candle alternative.Check out the Dangers of Scented Candles Video BelowClick Here to Go To Our Pinterest Page and Press Play

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